There is an abundance of articles and books on business, general HR and information that coach candidates on how to navigate the “usual” hiring processes.

The issue is with so much information, the basics of hiring is often missed and companies use the same strategies to arrive at the same candidates, and is often the most “professional” rather than the most productive, who make it to the top of the selection.

At Performia we like to simplify and bring the focus onto what is the most important, practical, useful and going to create the most results.

What is the key to hiring?

The absolute key is to know about the production potential of someone before you hire them. Doing this effectively will prevent hiring catastrophe.

Real production has value. Someone who produces something of value that can be exchanged with something else of value, is real production.

A person who is just busy doing lots of things but not actually producing anything of value is not going to help your business go forward. In fact they may be masking a bigger issue that could take longer to see through.

How can you detect a destructive person by looking at his production?

Have you ever seen people who work hard to protect their status and their position? They often make themselves look and feel irreplaceable. They often tell people they know a lot of things which can make it appear it would be difficult to not have them, but they never share any information of value and don’t produce anything of value.

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Performia has an exact journey that is a combination of training, tools and team strategies to accelerate your business success.

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