Year after year we have witnessed how some of our clients work on recruitment and hiring strategies early in the year and they get more and more absent towards November and December disrupting their hiring cycles.

Businesses have never done so much hiring, as they do today. We are all familiar with how the past 2 years have changed the recruiting game and now the end-of-year closure is becoming more and more important when building a team!

When is The Right Time For Recruiting?

The answer is: All seasons!

It doesn’t matter if it is summer or winter or even Christmas. Candidates look for new opportunities all year long; is very common to hear that people change jobs very likely at the end of the year to start fresh.

Applicants who are productive and want to find a job don’t stop because of Christmas, because they want to find a new job as soon as possible. They are also willing to communicate and complete the process as soon as possible.

Get ready, be active and keep pushing through the silly season!

We know from experience that over the holiday period is actually the time to ensure you have your job ads live and present, to capture those people who are looking for a new role.

Work on your hiring strategy and flow, keep your outflow happening all seasons and the most important part, have the intention to fill the position!

These are the best prerequisites for successful recruitment.

To help you on getting ready, we want to check our Free Seminar where we will provide you with very practical steps to help you improve your hiring.

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