Take a Test Drive

The Performia Test Drive allows companies to see the accuracy and value of the Performia evaluation system first hand, used for team member selection and development.

Start Your Performia Test Drive Essential Guide to Performance Hiring

When hiring, many businesses are making decisions without really knowing how to evaluate if a new individual is what their business needs and if the prospective new team member is going to be productive and fit the role. 

This often results in companies employing the wrong team member, resulting in wasted months or years, not to mention loss of income for that period.

Instead of listening to us tell you how incredible, accurate and insightful our evaluation technology is for the purpose of hiring, as well as validating and developing existing team members, we invite you to take a free test drive and see for yourself first hand. 

Once you have filled out the form, you will receive instructions for completing the test drive followed by a personal meeting to take you through the results.

As a experiment, we offer prospects the opportunity to select someone they know very well in terms of performance and personality to test the Performia Test Drive.

Performia will do an evaluation and provide you with feedback on the individual and effectiveness in a given role. This will give the manager first hand insight to the accuracy and value of our systems.

Our Test Drive is just one of the ways we can assist businesses with hiring, evaluation and business growth. Feel free to contact us directly for a tailored made strategy for your organisation.

Your Essential Guide to Performance Hiring

The most important guide you need in hiring and building teams, The Essential Guide to Performance Hiring reviews traditional hiring methods, typical mistakes and pitfalls you need to know to avoid, and will introduce you to a hiring strategy that will open up your business to more affordable way to build your team by attracting and hiring productive candidates.

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