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A definite, tested, working strategy to build a team that will move your business faster on the strategy.

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Startup Businesses

Are you at the point where you are getting ready to hire a new team member? Ensure you start on the right foundation with Performia’s exact program for startups.

Small Businesses

Do you have up to 15 team members and feel that even with the best business plan and product, your growth is limited without the right people? We’ll partner with you to find the right people, mentor you on the journey and help you save time and energy.

Medium-Sized Companies

Do you have over 15 team members and feel that a greater focus on improving your hiring process would help you have an even more productive and efficient team? Then you are right and we can show you the proven path.

Large Companies

Do you have a large team or have an international company and feel that streamlining and fine-tuning the selection and evaluation of team members can lead to even greater viability of your company? We have the right tool for you.

Challenges We Solve

Why Companies Choose Us

I have used the Performia system and Jazz in particular for more than 20 years. Jazz and her colleagues are professional and a pleasure to deal with. The system is bullet proof for portraying the real personality profile of anyone potentially hire-able into your business. The knowledge gained is invaluable for placing employees in any position of importance within the business. The recruitment industry can be a minefield if treated lightly or entrusted without detailed knowledge. My organisations and I have made costly mistakes when moving forward without the back-up of the Performia System. I highly recommend the people and the program.

   Peter Woodland




You’ll know in 5 minutes if someone is productive and fits your culture.




Only have people who are productive and fun to work with.

I have worked with Jazz Fox for many years now when hiring potential staff. On a few occasions I hired without Performia’s help and it was disastrous , ended up costing me a lot of money. I highly recommend using their services before engaging a new staff member.

  Lyn Smith

I have used the Performia system for many years with great success, it is by far the best system to fill your organisation with positive, productive and eager to learn employees. Using this system has minimized my hiring risks greatly and increased staff retention. If that’s not enough, they have also trained me on how to hire using their system so now I have built my team without having to pay expensive recruitment agencies. Thank you Performia!

  Jem Graham




Hiring stops being unpredictable.




No more lazy people in your team.

The Performia team have great knowledge, process and training with a key focus on getting the right people into your business and getting the most from them. Knowledgeable and up front business to deal with. Highly recommended.

  Paul Antonelli

Fantastic approach to recruitment. Had added a lot of formality the our strategy and have had great success with our recruits since we started using Performia!

  Back In Motion Como Physiotherapy




Hiring accuracy increases, reduced hiring risk.




You’ll have a team full of people that you love to work with.

The training I did with Performia was great! Their unique way of helping you build strong teams by matching the right personalities with the roles you are hiring for are very creative and accurate.

  Dan Self

We have been using Performia for years. We use them to assist with every recruitment campaign we run. Jaz, Negar, Ria and Gareth are great people and always do the right thing by us. I recommend this business to everyone

  Gerard Barwell




You’ll spot hidden gems: people who are highly productive but don’t present well on resume or at interview.



You’ll know how to hire the best without competing on salary.

I love working with Performia, we always get results and are a stronger team when they are involved.

  Sebastiaan De Jonge

have been working with Performia for over a year. Negar and her team of trainers have been professional and insightful. Their training program will revolutionize the way you hire and onboard your team members.

I am a workplace culture speaker/coach who also owns and runs my own dental practice. I have learnt the hard way over the years that in business, getting your A team isn’t just about great leadership and systems, but also having the right people to work with you.

“Don’t send your ducks to eagle school” ~ Jim Rohn.

  Becky Chen



Speed of recruitment increases.



You’ll understand how to manage your team.

Great hires makes our lives easier. Performia’s tools and training has helped me to identify who may be a better fit to my team so that they can blend in with my workplace culture.

When I first signed up to Performia, my team was going through a turbulent time of staffing changes as some members on my team tagged-teamed each other to go on maternity leave. With my team being established once more and through using Performia as my main tool for hiring and onboarding, every member of my team is currently indispensable. Thank you to the team at Performia for your support and guidance. I look forward to continuing to work with you more in the future!

  Becky Chen

The training at Performia is practical , insightful and cuts through the noise that often exists in recruitment. It streamlines the hiring process towards candidates who will get the results you need for your company.

  Brie Schlien



You’ll know how to maximise productivity from each team member.



You’ll discover why team members leave and how to keep productive team members longer.

Negar and the team have made a very positive impact on my business. They are must for any business wanting to thrive in these uncertain times.

  Mark Hutchison

The build your team training I did with Performia was fantastic! It really gave me the tools to build a strong team of sales people. Performia also helped me with a hiring strategy which enabled me to specifically target high caliber sales people. Highly recommended!

  Zak Chaib



Labour costs and quality errors reduce, profit margins increase.



You’ll have room to pay bonuses.

Great company that really put perspectives into hiring process.

  Ziwei Lok

Finding new people no longer stresses us so much, after a long time we are This is the place where I found the tools and precise steps for building productive, fun and safe teams!

   Gareth Michaels



You’ll have a team that relish challenge not entitlement.

Productivity Focus

We have a policy at Performia about improving productivity any time we have contact with a person. Even from the first meeting you will walk away with some way to improve your personal or team productivity.

Hiring the “Unusual” Way

We provide you a unique strategy which allows you to hire more productive team members and ensure you are not using your company as a ground to test future performance. 

Complete Strategy, Tools and Resources

How you select and bring people into your business makes all the difference to how you succeed. Performia has the exact step by step process from employment branding to selection and onboarding.

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