We love helping our clients and seeing their growth and transformations over time in their business journey. They all work so hard, and are so determined to achieve new milestones they’ve been preparing. There is nothing more satisfying than to see their success!

We would like to give a very special acknowledgment to one very special client and that is Ballarat Family Dental. We met Dr Becky Chen four years ago when she started her Performia training.

After starting their first practice 7.5 years ago, they marked the beginning of a new era on 21st November by completing their first day at their brand new, purpose-built premises to support their major unstoppable growth.

Such an incredible team, and such amazing leaders. Here we are at Ballarat Family Dental’s new practice to celebrate this major milestone! (Below we have Dr Becky and Kevin, from Ballarat Family Dental, as well as Gareth and Negar from Performia).

A big congratulations to them! It is a pleasure to be part of their journey!

Our clients know exactly how to build productive teams!

We also celebrated our Christmas with the Performia team in Melbourne (sadly we didn’t have Jaz, Silvia, Janet and Cecille here) along with one of our most longstanding clients and that is Sagecon!

Almost all of their team have completed the Performia training. They implement the Performia process thoroughly and they are the most productive team that any business owner would dream of having!!!

Every event, meeting, and interaction is very important to us! That’s why we wanted to share little snippets of joy after a powerful month

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