The importance of the interest in our lives has made a huge impact when it comes to building teams. Blogs, Social media, e-books, and YouTube are some of the tools candidates use to improve their skills when attending an interview.

Thanks to these resources, candidates often create a script or version of them to be played during interviews and they manage to fool their potential employers to make them believe they found the perfect candidate! Sadly, they get hired.

There’s probably nothing wrong with candidates that search for tips to boost their confidence or more information about your company. The problem starts when you realize that making a good impression is all the candidate can do!


  • They sound and feel amazing. However, when it comes to results there’s nothing there. They can often not remember or provide vague answers, your job as a Manager or Interviewer will be to keep pushing and get some results.
  • Candidates tend to push more team accomplishments instead of personal ones. It is very important for you to understand what their contributions were!
  • Candidates often come up with excuses when it comes to reference checks “the business doesn’t exist anymore”, “I don’t have their contact details” or “the owner has died”.If you can’t verify the information provided, that is a red flag or a risky hire for you.
  • Check the information provided by the candidate and look for discrepancies or contradicting information.Asking about their employment dates is always a good idea to spot fake/wrong information.
  • Recording interviews is a great tool to spot phoney candidates!Recordings are always handy when it comes to reference checks, you can refer to a specific number or information that needs to be checked in detail.
  • Your best tool is Reference Checks!The step you can’t skip when hiring. Don’t rely on the candidate’s answers. Check their background and verify their production claims. This will subsequently help you to make the right decision.

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