Employee retention and low turnover rates are often a challenge, especially when you as a business owner wear multiple hats in your business or for the company you work for and time is limited.

It all starts with your recruitment process, part of the hiring cycle is to communicate your expectations to the candidate on getting someone long-term. That’s definitely a good starting point for a long business relationship.

After a successful hiring process, here is a list of simple rules you can follow in order to keep your best performers for a long time.

1. Don’t take great results for granted. Acknowledgment is the best way to show your interest and appreciation for your team!

2. Provide opportunities to grow. No matter the size of your business, having a plan for every role in your expansion plan will help you to keep your best performers by your side.

3. Ask for and respond to employee feedback. Feedback is a golden nugget when it comes to leading a team!

4. Keep the morale up! Nothing affects the morale of a team more than low production. Keep the team busy producing. It’s the only way!

5. Keep the team informed about the company’s plans and goals.
It has been proven that having a common goal boosts production and makes the process of reaching targets smoother and easier.

And when a productive team member leaves, be interested in what led him/her to the decision. You will have the opportunity to consider whether this is an objective reason from which lessons can be learned in the future. Thank them for their willingness to share this and let them know that the door to your company is open for them in the future.

We hope these 5 tips help you to start implementing a good strategy that works for you and your business and you can keep your productive team members for a long time.

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