Happy New Year! We hope you had some time to reflect, acknowledge yourself for all the great things you accomplished last year and now are ready for a productive year ahead!

We would like to help you start the new year with these 3 tips.

1. Give more of your attention to what you want to see more of.

Make sure you don’t just focus on problems and fires that need to be extinguished. Look at your productive people, some who might not say much, but who are really the backbones of your operations. Give them your attention and notice them. We promise you will get more of what you put your attention on.

2. Keep it simple, avoid complexity and if things get complex, check why!

Have you ever experienced that when you used to do something, it worked? And then you asked someone else to do it, and now it cannot be done or it is too hard, or you need to buy all this extra equipment before it can be done? Chances are there is either misunderstanding or someone is purposely making things complex to avoid doing the work. Look for yourself and don’t buy into it without some investigation!

3. Surround yourself with PRODUCTIVE team members!

There is a solution to all your hiring and team challenges, if you are willing to solve it. As a business leader, you need to have a clear worked out for how to attract and select the right people for your team.

This is the exact solution that Performia provides you.

When you know how to build a productive team, not only will they help you run a more successful company, you will have much more fun and easier to work with, and your family will thank you when you don’t take personnel problems home!

We wish you a very prosperous 2023, and look forward to seeing you build your team with the most productive and loyal team members.

All the best from the Performia Team.

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