“Time” is the most precious thing we have, yet not many people value it that way.

When you have more time, you can spend it with the team members you appreciate the most, the family you love, and spend it on activities you enjoy the most. This includes in your business.

Therefore, time management, how we prioritise, what tools we use to create more time, who we have around us, who we hire to create more time and not lose us time is imperative!

Investing in the activities and people who create more time is crucial. When you hire a Performer, they achieve results, are focused and create major leaps for the business. When you hire the wrong person, they become a distraction and take so much valuable time away.

Here are 5 areas preventing your business from being more productive.

1. Systems and processes are not effective

Hiring is labour intensive and if you don’t have a good system to sort through and identify the candidates for you to talk to, and no proper way to store and organise your hiring, you’ll be behind before you know it and making the wrong choices.

Without the right systems, your motivation and production will drop quickly. There are a few things as frustrating as having the pressure of getting someone onboard and wasting time organising your office or juggling between projects.

Get organised! Don’t wait until you need to start hiring. Look at your processes today and invest in the solutions that will speed up and secure your hiring process. Performia has the exact steps and formula for you!

2. Distractions

If you constantly get distracted by your team with questions, meetings, or activities out of your to-do list it’s time for you to make some changes.

By improving your onboarding process as an example, you will eliminate 80% of repeat questions and this will accelerate the establishment and productivity of new team members.

When you define the PRODUCT for new roles, you will create so much more time and productivity for your team. We cover this extensively at the Performance Hiring training.

3. Not delegating

Sometimes you fear delegating because you think it won’t be done as good as you do it. Perhaps it is because you delegated to a bad hire once and it turned out to be a terrible mistake. When you hire the right person, and delegate, you will be surprised just how much more time they will create and sometimes even achieve a better result than YOU!

So hire the right person, have faith, delegate and expect a DONE! Performers (people we train you on how to hire, they are the people you dream to have), will even get things done if they have limited training in an area.

You can also start by separating out the non-technical aspects of a role to have a new person create more time for you. Having someone to assist you on the most time-consuming steps is a great solution for you and your company.

Phone calls, emails, follow-ups, and interview bookings can take a big chunk of your time. Get someone you trust to be part of the process and start delegating!

4. Prioritise.

Ranking activities can be your best friend when running a business or hiring.

Think about what’s important and urgent and start working on it immediately. Do the most difficult and least interesting things early in your day. The rest of your day will thank you for it!

Things that are classified as not important and not urgent can be delegated or rescheduled properly on your action plan.

Sometimes it can be confusing whether an activity is important or not in the short or long term. Here’s a tool you can use to help you manage your time – The Eisenhower Matrix

When you learn how to prioritise, your time management skills will change your life.

5. Time to rest and reset

Yes, sometimes having time off can be a source of guilt and frustration. However, it can be the solution to all your problems.

By having the right people, and in the right seats, you will feel even better about taking time off and knowing your business will still be in good shape. Without the right supportive team, this can feel like mission impossible.

Having a day or weekend off can reset you mentally and energise you, it allows you to focus on your life outside work, and as a result, it boosts your motivation. Monday you can return to work refreshed and with mental clarity.

We hope this article helps you to increase your productive time so you can spend it with people and on activities that you love the most!

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Wishing you a great weekend ahead.

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