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We hold regular seminars, training and events to provide business owners and executives the exact formula for hiring the right people and building productive teams.

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There is no room for doubt or reservation when choosing people. Knowing everything you need to know before you start making a hiring decision is a must. The reason for the sleepless nights for most managers is the idea that they will not find the right person or that they may hire someone who will also cause great damage.

You and your team can become experts in finding productive candidates and in effectively using the potential of your team in a relatively short time.

You can now gain confidence in this area.


Basics of Building a Productive Team

Some help and some hinder, but all can look the same. How will you tell them apart?

In this presentation we are going to cover; the biggest challenge of hiring, the basic formula of a successful team, the key factors of hiring, the types of team members, the ways of hiring, new Performance hiring strategy.

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How to Stabilise Your Company Through Your Team

If you are planning where you will get the right inspiration for the next period, you will probably be interested in this event . Inspiration from the practice of successful Australian companies and the current topic “How to stabilise your company through your team” is definitely worthy of your attention.

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Performance Hiring Training

There is one common denominator to becoming highly successful in business and this is knowing how to deal with people so they are producing the required results in abundance. This training will provide you the exact knowledge and ability to attract, select and hire productive team members along with a complete implementation toolkit, and skills for life.

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The Performia discovery allows you to know more about the Performia strategy for effectively selecting team members and building productive teams. If you are interested in increasing team productivity and morale, this discovery will provide you a clear picture as to how and show you the path to improved results.

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