Have you ever experienced hiring a new person for your company, but the results and their progress were slower than you expected? It’s common to start questioning your decision and even how effective your hiring process is. “Did we really choose well?”, “Is this person productive?”, “Did we miss something in the interview process?”, “The references turned out great, so what is the problem?”.

Here’s an example of what can be the cause of a situation like this.

One of our clients asked for our help to understand why his new manager; a potential Performer wasn’t producing as much as he expected.

This is what happened-

The new manager; a person with great potential, good past performance, great personality fit for the business, started working and nothing happened! No onboarding, no handover, no explanation of what duties she was responsible for, nothing.

She had to invest a lot of time in understanding how the business works and couldn’t really contribute much to the team and business.

She started working independently and slowly understood what she was meant to be doing and the purpose of the role. However, her motivation dropped and she wasn’t enthusiastic anymore. She ended up leaving the company.


Our client didn’t have time or a plan on how to onboard someone.

His expectations were merely to hire a good producer who can solve all the problems for him without investing more of his time in the process.


Building a team is much bigger than hiring someone.

Yes, it all starts with finding the right candidates. However, onboarding is an important step for a successful hire, onboarding is an investment.

An investment in which you can quickly train a person for the given position. It could be a video, a checklist, drills, practical exercises, or whatever you consider helpful. Thanks to this, in the future you will not have to deal with unfulfilled expectations, disappointments, and possibly the dismissal and recruitment of a new person.

Invest your time and attention in things that make a difference and add value to your business.

We can teach you how to become a people expert, and build a process that works for you!


Once you have clarity on how to start building a team, you will be unstoppable.

Hear from our clients and how they’ve been able to build their productive team.


We wish you the best of luck and a great weekend ahead.

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