Communication is key in every area of life, especially if you run a business or a team! Today’s Tips and Tricks are about how communication can impact hirings and what to do to become a master of communication when interviewing.

It all starts with the interview and how well-prepared you are as the interviewer, and how well you can handle the different situations you can face during that stage. It could be vague answers, too much information, or the lack of it.

Here are some Tips and Tricks on how to become a master when it comes to Interviews!

  • Knowing enough about your candidate before your interview is the best starting point for a smooth session. It allows you to ask the right questions and get the information you are looking for, which should be mainly about their performance and results!
  • Having a baseline of questions for your interviews can save you heaps of time and certainly helps to spot a good performer in just 5 minutes. Think about the questions you can’t miss during your interviews and trust the process. You can always change or ask differently if the candidates don’t get your question initially.
  • If the candidate talks a lot and doesn’t answer your questions, remember you are the one leading the conversation; don’t be afraid to ask again or interrupt if needed! However, If the candidate definitely doesn’t answer or there are poor performance indicators, that means that the quality of the candidate is not what you are looking for and he/she might be good for a different role in a different company.
  • Let’s talk about quiet candidates. In this situation, paying extra attention to their performance is the key. You will be surprised how many good performers are out there which are quiet and a bit dull during interviews. Your job as an interviewer is to ask the right questions and spot them!
  • Look, don’t listen! Sometimes what you hear is not the reality of the candidate. Some of them have mastered the 10 best common answers for a perfect interview and your challenge is now, to look and see behind the mask of those who sound perfect but actually are low on their potential to add value and even be destructive.

Keep in mind, communication is a skill that can always improve and so is the art of being a good interviewer. The more interviews you do the better you get!

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We wish you lots of success in your interviews!

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