As companies grow, it’s important to have a working strategy to build a productive, safe and fun team.
This starts with hiring team members who are outcome focused and align with the company’s values.
Did you know that your Job Ad plays a crucial role in building your team and success of our business?
It acts as the first quality control filter in your entire recruitment process and is the gateway to your team, and business.
Hire the right person and you’ll accelerate your success. Hire the wrong person and not only will there be set backs, you’ll lose hope, and drain your energy personally and professionally.
Just like Dr. Darshan in our case study, hiring results will turn around when you improve your hiring strategy.
The following tip focuses on a particular group of individuals found in some teams – the “untouchables.”
These are individuals who’ve become known as experts in solving “complex” problems, making them seem irreplaceable.
However, having individuals who operate this way will create complications within your company’s operations. They make you believe that you won’t find anyone else like them on the job market, and they’re seen as being irreplaceable.
Managers often need to tread carefully around these individuals to ensure they can continue tackling the company’s complex tasks, or they may have to choose their words carefully to prevent them from leaving the company.
Managers have to tiptoe around these individuals so that they have peace of mind to solve the company’s “complex tasks”, or they may have to choose their words carefully to prevent them from leaving the company.
It’s essential to question whether this belief is true. Can the company not succeed without them?
Providing special treatment to individuals based on a reputation not associated to proven performance can lead to frustration especially those who are valuable assets.
The Performia Performance Hiring training covers how to develop a product for each role and cultivate an outcome-focused team that is motivated by the company’s purpose. This training helps align team members and promotes effective collaboration.
As a business owner or manager, your goal should be to create a productive, safe and fun team. What do we mean by this? Watch the video here.
Sometimes, companies create a division and one indicator is when they use terms like “us vs. them.”
But when you have the right people on your team, there are no sides. The entire team should work together to achieve results, facing challenges and celebrating successes as a team.
If you feel that a role is irreplaceable, we encourage you to investigate the underlying reasons for its perceived complexity.
Determine the key results and use Performia’s unique Fact Finder method to develop a strategy for attracting the right candidates.
Are you ready to unlock your team’s full potential?
You’ll learn how to make your experience in building a team and business even more productive, and enjoyable.
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