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“This system helps me to see who is productive and who is pretending right from the start. Without knowing this system, I figured that it had cost me about $2M in the last few years in real income. The best thing you can do is to check it out yourself.”  – Bill Zheng

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Think DONE Management Consultancy

Linda Steele & Steve Hansen

Management Consultants & Ex Franchisor

Steve was the owner of the brand and growing a new franchise, and Linda started to help him with her expertise in advertising and marketing. Soon she joined the company as General Manager until Steve sold this network of 43 stores in 2010.

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Mark Hutchison

Managing Director

Prior to completing the Performia training and applying the systems, we had a toxic team culture.

In less than 18 months, the company grew by over 50%, enhanced profit and moved to a very strong position.

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Emanuela Wasinski

Head of Talent and Quality Control.

Whenever we have had issues with performance, we always refer back to their Performia evaluation and on checking, found that they had never done the evaluation and had never gone through the same process. It made sense why they had not worked out.

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Marnie Jones


As an experienced business consultant I have worked with over 150 companies in Sydney, London and Los Angeles. I specialise in anything staff related including organisational structures, creating healthy leadership teams, staff and performance management, change management, processes & systems, and induction & training.

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Mission Hiring Business Transformation

This transformation was achieved as a result of Mission Hiring General Manager appointment, designed to attract normally unattainable candidates who have a track record of creating viability, growth and increased profit, now looking for their next challenge, an objective, a mission. The end result was a specific improvement in revenue, profit and business financial structure.

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Recruitment Training & Support for Construction Company

Performia’s provided guidance, support, and advice for our recruitment process. The team put us on a training program and gave us access to their testing system.

Their training started with face-to-face communication, but eventually transitioned to interfacing online.

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After more than 10 years of using Performia for my hiring, I finally did the training and, boy, it was brilliant.

I now know, with certainty, what the evaluations mean that I often look over! For any director or GM of any company, the people that ultimately suffer all the consequences for poor hiring, you need this info and then you need to be making sure your staff know it!

Thanks again to the team at Performia for putting this on. Great work!

  Anthony Santoro

I have been working with Performia for over a year. Negar and her team of trainers have been professional and insightful. Their training program will revolutionize the way you hire and onboard your team members.

I am a workplace culture speaker/coach who also owns and runs my own dental practice. I have learnt the hard way over the years that in business, getting your A team isn’t just about great leadership and systems, but also having the right people to work with you.

“Don’t send your ducks to eagle school” ~ Jim Rohn. Great hires makes our lives easier. Performia’s tools and training has helped me to identify who may be a better fit to my team so that they can blend in with my workplace culture.

When I first signed up to Performia, my team was going through a turbulent time of staffing changes as some members on my team tagged-teamed each other to go on maternity leave. With my team being established once more and through using Performia as my main tool for hiring and onboarding, every member of my team is currently indispensable. Thank you to the team at Performia for your support and guidance. I look forward to continuing to work with you more in the future!

  Becky Chen

We have been using Performia for years. We use them to assist with every recruitment campaign we run.

Jaz, Negar, Ria and Gareth are great people and always do the right thing by us. I recommend this business to everyone.

  Gerard Barwell

Fantastic approach to recruitment. Had added a lot of formality the our strategy and have had great success with our recruits since we started using Performia!

  Back In Motion Como Physiotherapy

I never felt more alive while learning! Finally I feel like I know what it takes to build a high performance team. Before this course, recruiting and retaining staff was no more than a lottery; dependent on “feel” and “gut instinct” alone.

  Mark Di Noia
Commercial Director, Next Constructions

I have used the Performia recruitment system on a number of occasions and found it very good, in fact it was spot on. It really gave the most accurate evaluation of the potential, of new employees. The system was easy to follow and being completely online it was simple to administer. It is so good to have that “looking glass” that you can’t do without in today’s market.

  Paul Chapman
Managing Director, Catmax International
Assisted Recruitment

Hi Ria, I have found working with you through our three staff hirings to have been very satisfactory! Both staff now working with us have increased our capacity as a school to deliver which was one of the targets, they also fit well with all of our current staff which was for me quite important that all our personalities should compliment and not detract from each other as can so often be the case and although you might have a producer – you have someone who no one else can work with!

It was quite an experience. I was happy that you screened people out whose resumes looked good but after testing you found that their actual worth for the role we required made them unsuitable, so much less for me to worry about!

  Christel Duffy
Principal, Yarralinda School
Assisted Recruitment

Performia were so helpful in getting us the right candidates for the job we needed. The assisted recruitment package sifted through over 250 applicants and gave us a top 5 list, which we interviewed. From the candidates we interviewed, the quality was definitely there, and we ended up hiring two people, not just one! I highly recommend using Performia to assist with your recruitment needs.

  Narada Kudinar
General Manager, Zhinar Architects
Assisted Recruitment

I frequently recommend Performia to business owners in my network. Their approach is unique and thorough. I always feel as if they will do whatever it takes to get the right person on my team. Working with Performia enables me to recruit with confidence that I am bringing only the best people into my business. Thanks for all your great work.

  Emma Weber
CEO, Lever – Transfer of Learning

I would put Build Your Team Training up with the three highlights of my life, finding my soul mate and having my two children.

Thank you for your persistence and a big thank you for delivering the product so well.

  Rosal Mullins
Franchisor, Kiss Café

The People at Performia certainly know how to deliver an Entertaining, Engaging and Subject-Matter filled Training Experience.

I found Performia’s ‘Key Factors of Building a Productive Team’ course quite beneficial, and in particular the approach to recruitment be quite effective – so much so that we immediately integrated this into Excite IT’s own frameworks.

Gareth, Negar and Jaz collectively supply a great service as part of the Performia Team – and are a valued partner of Excite IT.

  Joseph Sattout
Ex Head of Delivery, Excite IT

I never felt more alive while learning! Finally I feel like I know what it takes to build a high performance team. Before this course, recruiting and retaining staff was no more than a lottery; dependent on “feel” and “gut instinct” alone.

  Mark Di Noia
Commercial Director, Next Constructions

The build your team training I did with Performia was fantastic! It really gave me the tools to build a strong team of salespeople. Performia also helped me with a hiring strategy which enabled me to specifically target high caliber sales people.

Highly recommended!

  Zak Chaib

In the past, we have found that hiring staff is a very costly exercise. Hiring the WRONG staff has been downright hideous!

The Performia training I did not only has us on track to make sure that we don’t employ sandbags anymore, but has also has given us the tools to get the best out of the staff we already have.

Marten has a way of making his seminars not only enjoyable but also easy to follow. I couldn’t wait to get back to the office and apply what I had learnt!

  Helen MacDonald
Director, Flash Window Cleaning

I struggle to put into words how amazing our experience has been working with Performia. From the process we go through all the way to the amazing people we work with it’s worth the investment. Performia save us so much time and have allowed us to continue running our business while they take care of the rest.

All we have to do is select from the screened candidates, interview them and hire! It’s just so simple. Thanks for your love and support Performia, we look forward to working with you into the future.

General Manager, Brodon Project Solutions

I never felt more alive while learning! Finally I feel like I know what it takes to build a high performance team. Before this course, recruiting and retaining staff was no more than a lottery; dependent on “feel” and “gut instinct” alone.

  Mark Di Noia
Commercial Director, Next Constructions

We found the in depth training process to cover off, to a whole new level. on all aspects of building and managing a Team effectively. I love the practical tools and processes which can be applied in not only recruitment of team members but also ongoing management and support.

  Paul Antonelli
Owner, Resicert

We know that we’re only as good as our people. So we believe to have any chance of success in business, it’s vital that we recruit the BEST staff possible.

We have used the Performia system for 10 years and have achieved amazing results with recruitment; building a high performing team from 5 to 60 people within those years. Best of all, it’s only getting better due to the support we receive from Performia and our standardised approach to implementing the system.

If you’re in business and have no recruitment system in place, you’re leaving success to chance. By attending Performia’s training program you will best experience the key principles of effective recruitment and begin the path to gaining control over this vital area in your business.

  Sydney Construction Company

I have used the Performia system and Jaz in particular for more than 20 years. Jaz and her colleagues are professional and a pleasure to deal with. The system is bullet proof for portraying the real personality profile of anyone potentially hire-able into your business.

The knowledge gained is invaluable for placing employees in any position of importance within the business. The recruitment industry can be a minefield if treated lightly or entrusted without detailed knowledge.

My organisations and I have made costly mistakes when moving forward without the back-up of the Performia System. I highly recommend the people and the program.

  Peter Woodland

I am really excited about some of the concepts taught. When I ran my quarterly sales meeting, I ran it radically differently. The staff thought the meeting was great and I got a lot of positive feedback. The lower performers seemed more determined than ever to improve.

  Shane Young
General Manager, Maxpak

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