The Challenge

Dr. Darshan’s usual way to select members into his team wasn’t working well in the tough hiring market. There was always a hit and miss in hiring the right candidate and he already had suffered a great deal of stress by hiring in desperation. The main concern was that one bad hire like one rotten mango could affect the rest in the group. The practice was growing fast, and he would even try and take on temporary staff, which mostly made the situation even worse.

This problem caused Dr. Darshan and his team to work much harder and longer than they needed to, to keep up with the  increased revenue. This unnecessary stress was overwhelming to everyone at the practice.

Dr. Darshan wanted to avoid making anymore poor hiring decisions, the likes of which had cost him dearly in the past. His practice had wasted a lot of time, resources, and lost opportunities due to costly hiring mistakes and inefficient service.

The Solution

Dr. Darshan noticed how other practices were overcoming their hiring issues and discovered they were using Performia to train them on how best to build highly productive, fun, and cohesive teams.

Dr. Darshan enrolled into Performia’s Performance Hiring training. From this 3-Day, hands on, vigorous training, he learned everything he needed to know to attract, find, select, and build productive teams. He walked away with exact, practical tools and  the formula to hire the right people. He had a new level of confidence.

He had also received a complete toolkit to implement in his business for his hiring and existing team. Dr. Darshan immediately saw the significant improvements in quality of candidates through his Performia style Job Ads.

From the training he also discovered and implemented hiring strategies that resulted in –
• Practice revenue increasing by over 30% in the following 12 months,
• Payroll decreasing by more than 15%,
• Significant increase in team productivity and morale,
• Increase in the practice’s pool of potential candidates to choose from,
• From candidate scarcity to an abundance to select from. Dr. Darshan now always has more top performing candidates than he can hire, and he is known for referring good candidates to other practice owners!
• Avoiding hiring expensive, unproductive candidates (in some instances, this has saved 50% on labour costs).

After 12 months, Dr. Darshan has reported –
• “I no longer feel trapped or pressured to hire the typical experienced candidates that everyone else is competing for.”
• “I no longer have ‘people issues’. My team are all top performers who take initiative. My practice is fun, friendly, and aligned.”
• “I feel much more supported and feel I can have extra time to focus on business strategy, spend more time with my family and doing the things I love”.

“You may think that there is a shortage of high-performing candidates out there, but the reality is that, as a business owner, you  just need to learn how to attract, find, retain, and manage high performers. Performia teaches and mentors you on how to do all of this and more. After taking the full training program, it’s like I’ve now got performance hiring superpower!”

– Dr. Darshan – Dentist | Practice Owner

Unlock the same results (for your Practice) that Dr. Darshan achieved.

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