Following are your three golden rules for successful interviews. These are your first set of keys to selecting and hiring the right person.

1. Begin the interview with an open mind

Begin the interview with an open mind. Do not let your personal opinions and ideas about the candidate “cloud your judgement” when you start the interview. This is valid for both positive and negative opinions.

There are candidates who may not have put together a brilliant CV, but that can and will perform at the job really well. There are also candidates that do not look perfect or impressive at first sight, but who, if given a chance, will make you very satisfied with their effort.

Never forget that the longest and most expensive hiring is created by people who give you an excellent first impression, have a “brilliant CV” but that later turn out to be very far from this “perfect” picture of themselves.

Therefore, you should base your opinion of the person on the vital facts you get in the interview. If you have any doubt about a candidate you need to get more information about them; either until your doubts are handled, or confirmed.

2. Do not feed the candidate with the right answers 

Do not “feed” the candidate with the right answers to your questions by asking questions such as: “In this position, is it extremely important that you are willing to work hard and that you are effective. How would you describe your way of taking on a job?”


Be genuinely interested in the candidate throughout the interview. Listen to what he or she is saying and note down their answers and reactions.

Show your interest and be careful to acknowledge the answers you get from the candidate. Avoid every form of an arrogant interview.

In a hiring interview, it should mainly be the candidate who speaks. The person who performs the interview should not try to “sell” the position but instead focus on asking questions that will make it easier to evaluate the Candidate and his or her willingness and ability to succeed on the job.

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