We are back with our regular tips and today it is from the field of motivation. Have you ever tried this during the interview? How did it work for you?

How to recognize a hard-core person fast?

No matters how the times are, it’s important to have the right person on the team. But how do you find the person who is motivated, who is going to be loyal and willing? Someone who just won’t leave you and will also back you up during tough times?

The purpose of the company will help you with that. If you use it correctly when looking for a new employee, it will quickly reveal to you the level of motivation which is one of the important factors in an area of work potential.

Yes, we wrote and talked about the purpose several times, but do you know exactly how it can help you to be able to quickly recognize the motivated people during the interview?

OUR TIP: Tell the candidate your common corporate purpose, i.e. the reason why the company actually exists. Then silently watch whether you have caught the candidate’s interest or not. If the candidate passes the purpose without any indication of interest it could be an indicator that they are not the right person for your organization. Secondly, ensure you tell the candidate the real, and tough truth about the job. Avoid selling the role and your company! You definitely want someone in your team who is dedicated.

I believe that the company’s purpose will always help you to find great employees or keep your current team in a good mood.


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