If you could hire just the right people, your whole life and role as a manager would probably be like a dream. It is a fabulous difference between being right and wrong in the area of recruitment.

If we were to plot productivity against the number of people in an organisation we would in most cases get a bell shaped curve.

You may have heard of the so-called “80/20 rule” indicating that 80% of an organisation’s valuable production is made by about 20% of its people.

This “rule” however, is not really applicable when it comes to the actual profit of an organisation.


In most companies, if you would remove the 5% most productive people, the organisation would lose most or all of its profits and a lot of companies wouldn’t even be able to survive.
This tells us that those people who are really effective and top performers are not only rare but also essential to any organisation’s existence.

This is specifically true and very important when we start looking at the productivity of managers and executives.

You may have seen an organisation of any size that was in trouble at one point, appointed a new executive at the top, and then was turned around by that single individual who, being very productive himself, managed to get people’s attention back onto production instead of internal affairs (which is one of the preferences of a suppressive person).

The reason a single individual in top management can make such a huge difference to the overall result.

Performance Hiring is the answer.

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