Christmas is around the corner and while for some companies hiring never stops, some companies are wondering whether to hold off until the new year to kick off their process.

For some roles, you should never stop hiring

This might sound a bit crazy at first, but let me explain. Research shows that for many companies, the biggest barrier to growth and increased productivity is having an availability of the right people when they are needed. In these situations, you would never stop advertising and hiring.

It is also important to not feel dependent on only a few staff. If you are feeling stuck or feeling that things are not as easy or as enjoyable as they used to be, chances are that the right hiring strategy and team analysis will do wonders and solve quite some of the mysteries for you.

For roles where you are actively hiring, it makes it even more crucial to get the hiring strategy clearly defined and worked out so you know exactly the type of people you need to attract, and how to screen and select them.

Your hiring process needs to identify the right people FAST as well as screen out those who could have potential to be disruptive.

When you have an effective hiring process in place, the next step is to promotion of the role and the many ways to get the message out there.

Never stop and always think big, and in an abundance. If you ever get the feeling that you are in a scarce market, while there is a chance it could be true, more often than not it is a limiting belief caused by someone’s viewpoint or an ineffective and limiting hiring strategy.

Is there a point to advertise now, or should you wait until the new year?

For sure some people will travel over the holiday period. But there are also many who will be on the search for a fresh start, a new career, perhaps they have reached a new contract.

Organisations such as SEEK Employment are also encouraging candidates and promoting that Christmas is a great time to get a new job.

If you need to appoint a new person to start working for you in January – March of next year, now is the time to kickstart your hiring by getting your roles clearly defined and advertising your job ads.

It is also important to ensure you have worked out the process to handle the applications with speed, ease and professionalism. This makes it a pleasant process for your hiring manager, as well as creating a positive experience for your candidates.

I hope this has been helpful and if you have any questions or need any help, we are only a phone call away.

Wishing you a productive week ahead.

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