You may find it unpleasant when you cannot get the answers you’re seeking. For one reason or another, you are finding that things are getting vague, indirect, and sometimes this is enough to make someone doubt themselves.

When things get vague or confusing – stop, and take a moment. Always start with the end-product in mind. What is the result that needs to be achieved? Let’s get specific.

It is also quite interesting. When we get specific it is because we know the result we are aiming for. Now if something starts to get vague or confusing, it is quite possible it has to do with one of two things:

  1. The initial request not being understood accurately and in full, or
  2. The intention to avoid the topic in question.

Why is this important to be aware of hiring?

An important skill that every manager needs to have is the ability to identify potential performance in candidates. Of course, not everyone contributes at the same level and each person contributes on a scale of productivity. 

During an interview, as the Manager sometimes you can find yourself getting impressed by the ‘competence’ of an individual because of their industry knowledge, ability to convey a message, presentation, resume, experience, skills… etc, which adds up to all sounding like the perfect candidate!

There have been many instances where individuals say the most perfect things and appear to be the most perfect person for the job; quite simply due to the way they present themselves to the company at interview or through their resume.

However, you will find that asking the specific questions that finds out about the person’s actual results, can sometimes be confronted with vague and indirect answers. This is not a good sign and is cause for concern.

So, remember to persist for specific answers, expect specific, and help your team by communicating in specific terms to avoid confusion and encourage transparency regarding expected results.

The ease and success of your organisation’s expansion depends on how team members are hired, managed and run. Getting this area fully working is crucial for every growing business. Contact Performia to find out how this can be made easily possible for your organisation.

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