In the past, we’ve shared the importance of building productive teams and provided many tips and recommendations for your businesses. However, we haven’t discussed the consequences when owners don’t hire good team members.

Let’s start by asking you some questions. Have you heard that popular businesses have made the decision to shut down operations recently?  Have you been shocked by the announcement of the closing of a brand you like? If the answer is yes, we’re pretty sure you have tried to get around the possibilities about what could have happened and many times it simply doesn’t make sense.

There are multiple reasons why a business closes, even successful ones.

Yes! Even popular businesses have closed because they have team problems, or perhaps because the owner or manager cannot deal with the challenges of building or managing a team. Now, what are the most common reasons for that?

One of the main reasons for staff turnover/ short employments is because of the wrong decisions. Commonly because the manager in charge of the hiring finds the process time consuming, draining, or too long. Yes, you have to invest time on finding the right person and it will be more difficult if you are wearing many hats in your business. However, finding the right people (help) will make a difference.

Due to the pandemic the challenges of getting long term team members has been increasing. Shortages, employee turnover and sometimes hiring on a desperation mode can harm your business on many levels. It can harm your business affecting the quality of your product or service, It can harm your business by affecting the morale of the team, it can cause your most productive team members to want to look for new opportunities.

Our Tips for you.

– Look for the right person you need, not the leftovers of the pandemic. How? Look for productivity and personality fit so that you make informed decisions and not have the usual surprises when hiring staff

– Invest your time on what’s important. Get the exact training so you know how to hire for your business. Our Performance Hiring training will provide you the exact formula. Our next training is in September but if you need earlier help with finding the right people, we can help and support you with it. Reply to this email and we’ll show you how.

– Train yourself on the areas you find most important or crucial for your business success.

– Ask for help if you are not sure what to do. Having partners or mentors can make a huge difference. (Did you know we hold special VIP events for our Trained clients to help them on specific challenges?)

We hope you find the balance between running a business and building your dream team.

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