In the following video I go through the first challenge of building a team that all managers have experienced to a degree.

And when you realise this, much of your mystery in hiring and building a team will start to unravel.

Watch the below video where I cover the following and provide some ideas and understanding to apply to your hiring and team results;

  • The four different scenarios
  • Which one is the BEST?
  • Hiring off resumes…or not
  • Spotting fantastic candidates your competition is missing
  • Which one is the most expensive?
  • Structuring salary and not blowing your wage budget
  • What to do with busy people and no results
  • The best hiring outcome for your business
  • How to lower the cost of your hiring
  • The obvious versus LESS obvious choice
  • Candidates who have no resume
  • On the job performance versus past experience

We hope you are staying well, positive and productive.


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