Let’s talk about marketing, hiring advertising, and Hollywood!

Have you ever bought or done something influenced by a movie, movie character, or show? I’m pretty sure you have fallen for some great cars after watching James Bond, tried a new haircut inspired by Rachel from Friends, or maybe you’ve considered a particular career path because of what you saw.

Film/TV productions are strategically created to influence audiences to promote lifestyles, encourage product purchases, or promote a social message. Similar to what we do when recruiting, we connect and evoke emotions in our audience/candidates in order to encourage them to take action and become part of our stories and the mission we sell as companies.

How is Top Gun a recruitment tool?

Movies like Top Gun have demonstrated how effective Hollywood productions can be and the impact they have on recruitment.

The story has inspired hundreds of young men to become naval aviators or naval flight officers; an unpopular and complicated role to fill.

How is this investment worth the price?

The production received support from the Department of Defence (DOD) in the form of equipment — including jets and aircraft carriers — personnel and technical expertise. This was authorised by the DOD Entertainment Media Office, which assists filmmakers in telling military stories.

The success of Top Gun directly contributed to a 500% increase in applications to the United States aviation forces. A year after Top Gun was released, the U.S. military saw an increase of 20,000 uniformed personnel compared to the year before the movie’s release.

Our Tip for you:

You may not need to produce a movie production for your next recruitment drive (or maybe you should?), but you can see just how crucial it is to think strategically with your recruitment and why it is crucial to invest in the first part of your recruitment to attract the right candidates.

Sometimes companies place one or two job ads and lose faith; that it is too hard to hire. The reality is, you are not trying hard enough and not spending enough time in this first crucial step.

Secondly, it is important to make sure you are not selling glamour in your job ad. Making the job look very attractive could attract too many candidates; many of which will drop off once they realise the truth of the role.

It is important to realise that quality is much more important than quantity. But to get more of BOTH, it is crucial to work out all the possible ways to get your job ad known about and not settle for just the usual channels of advertising.

Recruitment is a STRATEGIC exercise.

Who you hire today will impact your business results 3, 5, and 10 years from today.

Smart business owners have realised this and know that the most important strategy they need to get right in their business; is the strategy for how to find and hire the right people.

If you are struggling to find the right people, unsure if who you are getting is the right person, and you’re ready to overcome the usual challenges of hiring every business experiences, contact Performia

We have the exact formula and strategies to help you build your productive team – and we will train you on it so you can do it too!

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