We are back as part of our Tips & Tricks with a new tip.

Are you looking for an encyclopedia or a high-quality employee?

This week we were asked a tricky question from our client: “Where do I constantly find those professionals? We need qualified people who understand our field and specific things.” So we asked a counter-question:

“How did you get your qualification?”

And we added, “Did you come to the company already fully qualified or did you learn most of it at work?”

For some, it may be harsh, but at the same time necessary and most importantly true thinking.

When choosing employees, we often have high demands. We cling onto professional knowledge and at the same time, we can lose skillful people who do not have knowledge according to our ideas but are willing to pick it up very quickly.

And usually it’s unsuccessful attempts from the past that discourage and prevent us from approaching that strategy again.

TIP: Do not throw out the idea of hiring someone without having all pre-existing qualifications and learn to differentiate.

Because an investment in an individual who is productive, smart and wants to learn will pay off.

And remember… “Practice makes perfect!”


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