We are back with another tip from our Tips series! This time it’s a “recurring” tip which emphasis on the basics. We can sometimes even forget the basics right? But they are the most important!

No compromises. No matter how the times are, or the condition of the market.

Whether there is a surplus or a shortage of available candidates in the market should not impact your selection process, your criteria and standards.

It is necessary to create and maintain a specific recruitment procedure at all times because only then can we be certain that we will make the right choice.

As part of your recruitment process –

  1. Ensure that the candidate created something really valuable in the past, which they managed to complete and others needed it or benefited from (employer, company, colleague, friend…). And yes, it applies for any position!
  2. Ensure that the candidate is primarily interested in what they will bring to the job rather than only what the job will bring to them.
  3. Ensure that the person / job really fits this person.
  4. When you check the references always verify your observations from the interview. You need to check them with previous direct seniors / managers.
  5. NO MATTER HOW TIMES ARE, BE PICKY / CHOOSY / OR IN EVERY TIME BE PICKY / CHOOSY (have high standards regarding candidates you hire). After all, if you follow the above steps you cannot get burnt.

And just remember that the first step to tackle candidate scarcity is to adjust the viewpoint even by 1%, review the hiring strategy and look for all ways possible to communicate your message!

I wish you the best success in selecting productive team members who will easily “fit” into your company.

We’re always here for you and only one step away!


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