I have a first tip for you this year and one big surprise with it.

How are you doing? Do you have any resolutions for 2021? Are you among those who keep them all year around or do you forget about them at the end of January because you somehow did not estimate the time properly? This tip was written by Lucia Spacilova, ED of Performia CZ.

Keep your resolution all year around!

You know, you make a resolution or you give yourself a nice goal and at the moment it seems that you have strength and time to make it happen. But as you get absorbed in operational tasks and the stress increases, the goals fall deeper and deeper and in the end they are just a bitter thought of “what I haven’t done again”.

Unfulfilled goals are one of the reasons why people go lower and lower in their emotions. Their initial good mood and enthusiasm gradually disappears. And this leads them to the conclusion that it is better not to plan anything big.

TIP: Don’t give up your resolutions and goals. Just plan everything well in advance.

You could be asking yourself: “Why should I?”

1. Because the goal gives you life energy and forces you to move forward.
2. Because the goal helps you make the right decision and improve yourself.
3. Because you can share your goals with others and create a great game, which you can share it.

Do you already have your own personal or work goals? Share them with us! As much as we can we will support you so you achieve them.

An extra surprise only for you! 


We prepared for you an e-book on “Improve Your Hiring and Team Results”. You will learn step by step to Recruit and Build a High Performance Team.

We keep our fingers crossed for you no matter what you plan to do.


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