Today topic is somehow timeless. It is about RESPONSIBILITY. A trait which affects many situations at work every day.

Does / When responsibility stops your staff?

You probably heard from us that many people in Australia have low responsibility. When an individual has a low responsibility it does not mean that he is a bad person. He might have only in some specific situation particular reactions.

Generally, we know that these people are very sensitive to criticism, whether it is real or potential. And we will have a look at the second one.

“We should talk”

Have you ever walked down the hall, met your colleague there and told her:”Jane, we should meet this week and talk”, and then you just walked off? Probably it did not even occur to you that from that moment Jane would think about what do you probably want to tell her, what is happening and she does not feel well from this at all. Even though she is trying not to think about it and work hard, she could feel anxiety or she gets the stomach-ache. Even if this sounds a bit unbelievable, it is a common reaction to such a situation. Not only at work but also in private life.

TIP: If you need to talk about some stuff, meet the person and handle it right away. Or if you need to schedule it, tell him what you want to talk about. This way you will make sure that they will keep focusing on the job and they will not worry.

We wish you enough patience to increase the responsibility of your employees.


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