Let’s talk about interviews!

Have you ever experienced that after doing hundreds of interviews, you hired the candidate with a great educational background or many years of related experience but the candidate turned out to be a disappointment? Or a problem instead of a solution?

We have seen that happen in all types of businesses. Part of the solution is in how you are conducting your INTERVIEWS!

Interviews don’t have to take hours. In fact, we teach our clients how they can find out the potential of their candidates to perform  in just 10 minutes.

Interviews can be tough sometimes and it doesn’t matter if you’ve been doing interviews for 6 months or 10 years. It is absolutely crucial that you have the right formula for your interview.

Without a good interview, your chances of identifying a good candidate are certainly low. Why? Sometimes candidates are hard to understand and can fool you with sophisticated wording, especially for technical roles. They can look and sound perfect, however, keep in mind that there’s thousand of tips online on how to impress an interviewer during an interview.

Candidates have read them and there are even professional coaches. If you are using a recruiter, quite often the recruiter is actually coaching the candidate to have a “successful interview”. Therefore it makes it crucial that when using a recruiter, that you have an unbiased way to assess the candidate for yourself such as the Performia Evaluation.

Given that most often recruiters are paid a percentage of the salary as their commission, very often there are recruiters who will coach the candidate also on how to negotiate for a higher salary. This doesn’t apply to all recruiters as there are some good ones, but it is quite common in the industry and you need to be aware.

Our tips for you: 

– During your interviews, understand their level of production, ask the candidate to describe the result he/she was expected to achieve.

– If the candidate does not describe his/her results clearly, it is probably his intention, or perhaps he does not have any specific results behind him.

– Don’t be overwhelmed by information that sounds complicated and sophisticated. If something is not clear, ask.
Some candidates might appear to be quiet, dull or not so interesting. However, it’s your mission to ask the right questions, and understand the potential behind a not so well present candidate.

– See behind the mask! If a candidate sounds and looks perfect, reference check is your next step.

If you can’t verify all that perfection in previous roles, that’s your sign to find someone else.

Ad writing, Interviews, reference checking, and all the screening flow is part of our powerful Performance Hiring Training.

The training will teach you everything you need to know for how to attract the right people, interview better than a pro, and gain skills for life.

Express your interest here or comment to let us know!

We wish you all the best in your interviews!

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