Today’s tip is touching a sensitive, but very important area –  it’s about those individuals who work against the company. They stop, and slow down progress and do it in a hidden manner that is hard to detect. Undetected, they can cause great harm as well as destroy a company’s culture and team morale.

Do you still have some of these in your team?

How many hidden troublemakers are in your team?

As you all know, not all team members are the same (if not, look at this short video “The Cart“).

Some team members help your company more than others. Approximately 80% of the people in the company contribute to the company’s success.

Among these people you will find those who help more but also those who’s contribution is much less and does not make a huge difference to the results, but overall, all these types of employees have willingness to help the team and company progress and want the company to survive.

On the other hand, this remaining 20% are ready to harm you or at least cause considerable problems. They definitely do not contribute to the improvement of your company, but they rather stop your growth – the higher their IQ is, the harder it is for you to discover their intentions.

How and in which manner can the worst ones harm you?

One of their characteristics is that they distort the truth and reality.

For example, even though something does not bring a good result, these people are able to claim that it is an excellent thing. On other hand, when it comes to good and beneficial things which could help you in some way, they will claim that those things are worthless.

With this attitude they cause harm not only to your company but to you as well. They could confuse you and lead you into the wrong direction.

The road to success then will be more complicated and time-consuming.

Our biggest tip to you is to be aware and observant of these people, check what kind of products you see they produce and leave behind them.

We wish you a team full of people, from the higher end of the 80% range, who are more interested in your forward progress.


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