Here is another tip from us which is about one basic mistake that happens during the hiring process.

We call it, “waiting for Godot” which comes from a play by Samuel Beckett where two characters engage in a variety of discussions and encounters while awaiting “Godot“, who never arrives!

And how about you?

Are you waiting for Godot?

This situation is quite common in companies.

It can happen that sometimes as soon as the hiring process starts, a very interesting candidate appears.

He captures your interest and the person in charge of hiring has a feeling that this could be a good choice.

But instead of acting fast, he will extend the hiring process for some more weeks, because “he can not hire the first candidate after all”. What if there is someone better out there?

It is like a relationship

On one hand, it is a valid argument – there can always be someone better. But also no one better might come and meantime we will lose a great person.

Productive people are in high demand and we know from experience that they do not stay on the candidate market for too long. They do not have time to wait for you to get at least 5 candidates to compare them.

If you think about it, it is very similar to a normal relationship. You start it knowing that it could be a risk, that he/she might not be the right one. And as in the case of the recruitment cycle, you would probably not be pleased, if your other half always kept their options open.

There are other methods to find out, whether the first one is a really good choice or not. Methods which are faster, more effective and with lesser risk to lose your good candidate to competitors.

So what is our tip?

If you have a feeling that this is the right one and you have verified what is necessary (productivity, motivation, references) do not wait too long and go for it.

With this mindset you can shorten the time it takes to hire great people.


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