We are here with another tip from the area of building successful teams…… or should we say from the area of taking apart / dismantling successful teams.

Do you know who is holding your company back? We have 10 signs that will help you to recognise it.

Today’s tip is longer, but definitely more useful. What do you think?

Do you know who holds your company back?

A “stopper”, one who undermines and sabotages, a covertly hostile person, snake, hidden enemy – all these are expressions that describe a person who takes a company apart / dismantles from within.

It is difficult to find such a person because he can hide in a very clever way. The higher his IQ, the better he can complicate everything around him.

It is then difficult to unravel a ball of confused information that is being spread around the company. It is interesting that when you discover this person and quickly remove him from your company, everything suddenly calms down, the mood in the company improves a lot and people feel as if a heavy boulder has been lifted off their hearts.

On top of that, the company suddenly starts to achieve better results.

10 signs of a person who is stopping things

What are the risk indicators that will alert you to such a person? What we observed is that we have ten real manifestations of a real person in this “stopper” category.

1. He flatters his boss, he knows exactly what to say to make it look good, but behind his back he defames, ridicules him and criticises his decisions and actions.

2. He does the same to a HR manager and in general to those who want to work with people and build a good culture in the company.

3. He considers human resources as something completely useless. According to him, the HR specialist is someone who just “plays at work all day long”.

4. You hear that he is complaining about your work and when you ask him directly, he will tell that everything is just fine.

5. He complains about his colleagues in a very general way such as “It is hard to work with her.”, “I cannot rely on him.”, or “During the meetings he is just brainwashing us all.”

But when you ask him what exactly he means by that, you will not get much from him.

6. He presents the other people’s work as his own.

7. He is constantly changing information, assignments, everything is different several times during the week. If you confront him with this, he will definitely deny it.

8. His team is often not in a good mood or people are afraid to talk and it is difficult to find a colleague whom he can tolerate and stand.

His team is generally in tune against the management, owner and HR manager, but they will not say it to them directly.

9. He makes himself absolutely indispensable for the company and in addition, many of his colleagues think that as well.

Others feel that this person is simply the biggest expert, the best employee. He shows how much work he does, but he doesn’t let others look into it. He doesn’t want to delegate his activities to others.

10. Around this person you find a lot of incomplete work, a lot of thoughts, ideas, tasks he is working on – simply a lot of unfinished things and very little completed. When you ask him, what is he working on, he is usually overwhelmed with work and does not have time. And when you want to know, what it is exactly, he diverts the conversation to something else, or he has nothing tangible and visible to substantiate it.

Did you find anyone specific in those points? Observe very closely what is happening around this person and monitor their production very closely. If you listen to what he is saying, think about why is he saying that and how is it really helping.

Is the information he is giving helping the company to do better? Or does he slender some of his colleagues and complicates the achievement of any of your goals?

To remove such a person is a really difficult decision, but the relief that comes with it is hard to express in words. If you suspect someone, but you are not sure, we can of course help you with that, just give us a call. Unfortunately, we have detected a large number of such people in companies.

We wish for you that this type of person will never enter your company.


P.S. Do you want to be certain that you can recognise a real “stopper”? Our clients already know this, but we are happy to help you with that, just contact us.

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