We are here with another tip from the area of building a team. What is your viewpoint on recruiting candidates from another field?

Don’t be afraid of candidates from other fields

“He comes from another field; I do not believe that the work will fulfill the candidate. We’ll be just the stepping stone for the candidate…” We hear this often when speaking with the owners and HR managers as they look at the CV of a person who is looking for a job in another industry. “He comes from the hotel. NO!” They add and the candidate’s CV ends in the bin.

Tourism, hotel industry and other fields were hit hard by COVID. As a result, more candidates from these industries are appearing on the market. I see that the willingness to invite a person, who worked in another field, to an interview is sometimes very low.

We often see here the prejudice that the candidate will not be loyal to a new field and after a while, he will get back to the original one.

But among these applicants, there are also people who are loyal to the new job. There are people who like to work and for them, it is natural to move things forward. And that’s where their attention is most of the time. It is easy for them to learn well and keep a long-term job. They are people who like to contribute, you don’t have to ask them to be willing to work, and they understand that you need to contribute first and then you will get something back.

So, what is our next tip? Give them a chance and ask them about their motivation. You can do it quickly over the phone or in an online meeting. It can be a quick and fast process. You don’t want to lose a productive and motivated candidate, do you?

We wish you that you always recognize good candidates no matter what field they come from.


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