We have another tip for you from our experience. It is regarding the most underestimated part of the recruitment process – checking the references. Usually, we verify them with the last 3 direct seniors. What is your experience with this?

Leave it to the candidates

Today we would like to share with you an email with a question from one of our clients.

It goes as follows: “Recently, when recruiting new employees, it happens that candidates give us contacts to the personnel department to verify references. As a reason why they do not give us a contact for their former senior, they state that they no longer have contact with him or that he no longer works there. And sometimes it happens that the candidate simply does not know the situation in the former company. How should we deal with this in recruiting when we know from you that references should be verified with the direct senior of the candidate?”

The answer is very easy. If the candidate, in today’s age of technology, does not want or cannot get the contact details of their former direct senior, do not be afraid to throw an imaginary ball back to him. Tell him that a part of the selection process is the verification of the references with the direct senior, so if he does not supply the necessary contacts, he will not be able to continue in this process.

Remember that those candidates who are productive and have real results will usually reel off the contacts for references willingly and verification is often not a problem either.


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