Today we want to share with you experience from recruitment. In online conditions, it may be more difficult to decipher the real potential of a candidate. Thus, I have for you one specific example with 3 clear points:

3 warning signs in an interview

Did you have a candidate, like me, who:

  • appreciates good interpersonal relationships and sincerity among colleagues?
  • believes in team spirit
  • and says about himself that he is a communicative and positive person?

At first glance, this sounds good. But that certainly doesn’t mean it’s true.

3 warning signs in an interview

That is why we have here three situations for you in which these warning signs should light up when interviewing a candidate. Here they are:

1. The candidate’s answer was very general when you asked what did he contribute to at his former employer. He said that it does not matter for the position he is now applying for. Although he came up with some numbers to evaluate his results, he could not describe in details how exactly he had achieved it.

The first warning sign: The candidate is not able exactly and in details to describe his results, he has achieved and the way how he has obtained them.

2. He presented himself as an extremely capable man who can solve everything. By the way, he did not forget to mention who he knew. He also claimed that he always works well and achieves the best results Of course, there is nothing wrong with that unless the candidate makes himself very interesting in a sense of “I am here and I am amazing.”

The second warning sign: After the interview, are you convinced that you have a very interesting candidate in front of you? Is it because he made himself interesting or because he was interested in your company, in his potential job?

3. While talking he put down his previous employer. Or he said that the questions in the questionnaire he filled in were unnecessary because they were not related to the position he was applying for and he said it was not right to be interested in his past job, which was completely different.

The third warning sign: The candidate criticizes his previous employer or is critical and drops the procedure of your recruitment process or the questions you ask. Or he turns your questions against you.

The risk of accepting such a person is really huge. It looks like you have an unproductive person who will do things for his own benefit and can go beyond what is allowed or OK. If you come across someone like that, keep looking than exposing yourself to danger.

Don’t be fooled and consider very carefully hiring a new employee. It will save you a big headache.


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