We’re here with another practical tip that stems from our consultants. Have you noticed this sentence, or maybe you have used it at interviews.

You may be wondering why we are going to tell you to not use it in interviews as much as possible.

Why delete “What would you..?” from your choice of words / vocabulary at interview.

At a recent personnel and recruitment process audit at our client’s company where we were detecting weaknesses of their recruitment process, we found out that they were asking hypothetical questions at the interviews.

For example; “What would you do if your boss controlled you excessively?” or “What would you do, if you had to stay at work longer?” and many more.

I fully understand where the client is going with this question. He wanted to find out how the new team member would potentially react to such a situation.

Unfortunately, these questions are more of a hunt for the right answer than telling us something valuable.

An individual tends to repeat things (for better or worse).

Our tip: Do you want to know if a candidate could have a problem with ‘overtime’? Ask this when you check the references from previous employers.

The more specific your question is, the more accurate answers you will get. This way you can find out what you really need.

PS: Being able to conduct an interview and verify references should be a basic skill of every manager. And it doesn’t matter if you are hiring one person a year or one a week. This protects your team, which you work hard to build every day.

I hope this tip will help you to be more specific and get more accurate answers to your questions.


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