We are here with a new tip, this time it’s about training, qualification and who really is the right person that needs to be most trained in understanding people, and who would be the right ‘candidate’ for any training.

Who really needs the training in your company?

We often see that business owners/ directors invest in training and education for their team. They agree that it’s useful to train the HR manager or head of the department.

But when it comes to themselves, they say they do not need anything like that.

The question, therefore, remains how to approach education in the company correctly. When, where and who to train about people, their recruitment and how to work with the team?

The leader, the director, executive manager or owner must be the one who knows the people and should be the first to benefit from the training.

If you are the person in the above roles, you need to know how to select employees and how to work with them. You don’t need to be an HR specialist, but you should be an expert on people.

Management of the company should build on the same foundation and have the same data. That is why it is good to do joint training where everyone will clarify how they want to handle things in the company.

If every member of the management wanted to set up their own system, there would be only chaos.

Education or training is the key factor for any good leader and an important step for implementing best practice in every area of life.

Sometimes we focus too much on the environment and we forget about ourselves. And that’s a shame. Think about, who from your staff should attend which training or seminar, and not only regarding the HR area. Another point to keep in mind is that, training is a reward. Reward yourself and your great team members with more training and knowledge so they can take their performance to an even higher level.


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