We are back this week with another tip, which is a useful one you can apply at any time. Let’s look at it.

Go face to face and look results in the eyes! …
Your productive employees will appreciate it!

Every manager should check the results of his or her team and verify/ know for sure that they have completed the task successfully. At the same time, the manager should check whether the presented result actually corresponds with reality.

It is not about being controlling or micro managing. You can find out results without being overbearing for your team. Checking results is also important for feedback.

By doing this you show your interest. You communicate what you value in productive people and why you have them in your team.

You give your willing employees the possibility to grow and thus you lift both the individual and the whole team.

If you find that things are not done, you have the opportunity to intervene in time and make a room for correction.

Our tip: Present and evaluate results regularly (on a regular basis), both for the individual and for the group. With both positive and negative feedback you can improve people’s skills much faster.

Check the results, understand and analyse them and give them feedback.

If you haven’t done it, don’t worry, it’s never late to start! And today, will be earlier than tomorrow!


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