Today I have a hot tip for you. Let’s get straight to it…

Do not row with only one hand.

Have you ever experienced that you were not completely satisfied with some of your team?

Maybe you see the good potential in some and perhaps that person’s performance is not so bad, but they used to be able to handle more than they do now. And the fact is that, in today’s situation, no matter whether your company was able to progress well through COVID-19 or have to put a lot more effort in, it is necessary to have all of your people on board.

A team member who rows with only one hand and uses the other to read a travel book is simply not needed. But what do you do with this type of person?

Your task, as a Manager, is to make sure that all people contribute.

Look at this specific person and find out how could he contribute to your team. How could he help handle some task or project.

And what is our tip?

Talk with this person, for example, about what he is doing in his free time.

Maybe you will find out that he is doing aeromodelling and your company has just landed a special order where a patient person with dexterous hands will come in handy.

Simply find out HOW this person can contribute. Also, when you combine it with his hobby, you will see how he happily takes care of it.

If you encounter absolute disinterest and the person will rather try to turn the situation against you, then do not wait.

You show others what you tolerate in the company simply by showing who you employ. Your best people are best because they are not afraid to do something extra, they always contribute and have no problem to take their trash out from the bin when the cleaner gets sick.

I am certain that when you discover the potential of your team members and you involve them more in work, you will create a great team you’re proud of and continue full speed towards your company goals.

P.S. Would you like to know more about the potential of your team members? And how to work with a specific person? Contact us and book your time with our consultant to help you know more about this topic!

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