When hiring a new person, usually the goal of a Manager is to set up the new person for success so they can prosper and that in return should allow the company to prosper.

Then, the typical things that can happen is providing support in the form of training, car, vouchers, a nice office and lots of other personal benefits. Is this right or wrong?

This is perfectly fine if your staff are generating results that are increasing, which you can observe month after month, and year after year the statistics are moving higher and higher.

But what if even after above mentioned support, they are not achieving results, or they work even less or they are apathetic?

  • Focus on greater control of those employees. Examine their daily and weekly results. There needs to be some specific and valuable work in that period.
  • Do not worry about motivation elements such as their salary, bonuses and others, but focus their attention on their exact production.
  • Thereafter when their production starts to move in the right direction, give them rewards and bonuses.

There is no need to do this in the reverse order, and do not worry about motivation when the production did not even start.

Therefore, it is very important to check and verify results and productivity in a person before you hire, as this stands above the motivation and personality of the person. Productive staff deserve bonuses and benefits, and non productive people do not.

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