In a recent interview with SmartCompany, Performia Australia Founder & Director; Gareth was asked about three things small business owners should look for when checking a candidate.

The three areas to check for businesses are –

1. Past production record. Ensure the candidate is speaking in numbers & percentages that show clearly they track the value they add.  (The claims become the most important thing to use when reference checking. No point taking on a nice person that cannot add value!)

2. Motivation, is the candidate motivated more by challenge or benefit? This is best checked by selling the toughness and challenges of the job to the candidate rather than trying to sell how good the company or the benefits might be.

Productive, value adding candidates appreciate the ‘challenge’ approach. They feel that they are being treated honestly and feel they will be appreciated for their contributions.

3. Knowledge checking.  Whether hiring a labourer, plumber or sales manager, check their skills.  For a labourer, give them a broom and get them to sweep the car park and see how they tackle the task. If hiring a plumber, get them to bend up some sheet metal flashing or complete some compression joints. For a sales manager, evaluate their past sales types, team types, results, get them to meet and inspire your sales team.

“If I could add a fourth, that would be Personality.  Using a good personality test that can clearly tell you how a person approaches people, problems, and can also offer information on their darker side, which gives information on how destructive the person might become under different circumstances.  (We all want to avoid those messy terminations, lost clients, departures of productive staff and not feeling excited to come to work.)”
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