Imagine skiing in the Swiss Alps while having professionally and efficiently  completed several candidate interviews and finding the perfect candidate.

Imagine spotting a standout productive candidate out of fifty applications, after the most beautiful and fun time with your kids.

Imagine suddenly having more time to focus on the most important aspects of your role because you now don’t have to read resumes or interview candidates.

Imagine cutting down many expensive hours of interviewing time that you and your executives would normally do in first, second, and third interviews, only to lead into more group discussions.

Imagine staying at home doing anything you absolutely want to do, and conducting the best and most effective interview you have ever completed.

Imagine not being surprised by someone after you hire them; be it one month or one year down the track.

Enter the Performia Hiring System

Every business has some process for hiring. From reading a resume and offering the role through to using advanced robots that scan resumes. There are many different levels of sophistication.

The Performia Hiring System is the most unbiased, and balanced form of hiring that is fully contactless, yet still involves a human element. It rapidly increases the speed and quality of your hiring process.

Performia’s contactless system is available in more than 40 languages and this is just one of the powerful features of the Performia Hiring System.

Get in touch today and see how you could benefit from this system.

Improve the accuracy of your selection process and ensure you are finding the best candidates who will be productive and fit the role – before you make the hiring decision.

If you are interested in improving the results of your business, Performia can show you the pathway. It starts with how you attract and select new team members which usually requires a new strategy.

If your business intends on growing, now is the most important time for you and your executive team to be  most productive and for business owners to ensure they are attracting the right people, the first time.

Contact Performia today and find out how this applies to you.

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