Most business leaders know that their people can make or break a business. But more accurately, it is your “people” strategy.

If you have a great product or service, but don’t have the right people who will sell or deliver your services, then your business is going to suffer.

Before jumpstarting a new hiring, or even before thinking or assuming you know what the role should be called, it is important to really work out what is the real result you need achieved as a result of this new person hired.


The act of hiring is so much more than filling a vacancy. Hiring is a strategic decision. Every time you approach the hiring decision, before you start advertising, you have the ability to set the strategy for the role.

Building a strong team culture is not the easiest task and takes commitment and care to hire people who will align with and enhance your culture.

The top three drivers of staff attrition in 2019 were identified as lack of respect, development opportunities and coworker quality.

Good people are increasingly fed up with poor quality co-workers, so much so that they are willing to quit despite an unstable job market. (HRM Online 2019)

Knowing how to differentiate between productive and destructive people, helps you get your team more stable, safe, and productive.

By now you have most likely seen the famous Performia short film about building a team, called “The Cart”, translated in many languages and used in many teaching events worldwide.

Our motto is that we want to enable our clients in building teams that are productive, safe and stable.

We use the word safe because every new hiring has the ability to elevate your existing team and create more traction for you, or deflate your team and business to a new low.

You absolutely need to protect your team from the wrong people and focus on increasing the attention on more productivity and results.

Your strategy around how you build (hire, structure, develop) your team is fundamental for achieving your goals.

We look forward to a continual partnership in helping you achieve your team goals this year. 

Contact Performia to customize the hiring strategy that works to your business. 

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