You might have heard recently about “The Great Resignation” as the latest trend that’s about to hit the business world.

Some online resources say that millions of Australians are predicted to leave jobs.

Is this a myth or is there truth to it?
Which businesses will be protected and which won’t be?

I’ve been looking at the statistics being reported and the reasons that are fuelling this idea and it comes down to a few things:

  • Who you have on your team
  • Whether these individuals have been busy, productive or not
  • Whether Managers have valued and appreciated their good staff

If we look at one of the reasons why GOOD team members leave jobs at “any time”, one of the biggest is a lack of recognition for the value that good team members are adding.

The cause for this usually boils down to two things:

1. Management doesn’t know who is truly adding value and who is pretending. They judge by how busy someone looks, how much they are around in the office talking to others and appear to be doing things.

Of course if you add the working from home life, without a proper way to assess performance, managers are left even more blind than usual.

Sometimes the productive but quiet people get confused with being someone who is not doing the work.

2. Management place most of their attention on the worst producing team members in order to get them to lift their results – because, you don’t really need to worry about your high producers since they know what to do right..? (wrong)

And you might hear some people say that they have worked harder than ever before during the pandemic and that’s the reason they are leaving.

One thing we teach our clients is that production is what drives morale and happiness in your team. So to keep your team’s morale high, you should absolutely help your team be more productive and busy producing something of value.

And then, really acknowledge those team members who help you. Notice them, give them attention and spend some more time with them. It’s more valuable than financial incentives.

The Solution

Our clients are not really worried about this “great resignation” trend because they know how to identify the right people, and then how manage and reward their team members so they want to stay. They have been doing this for years. Their focus is ON the business and what they CAN control.

Our recommendation to you is to make sure you have ways to measure performance, and make sure you value your team members who are helping.

Give the most attention to those who help and add value, than those who cause more problems, and soon you will notice a shift in the culture of your team.

Keep your team busy, productive, focused, and you will be on your way to maintain a high morale team.

Our incredible, powerful trainings will give you the skillset you require, in order to hire and build a productive, safe and stable team. They will be delivered LIVE, and Online with full support and resources to get you powering.

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