Do you have a team of Doers or Performers?

Every team and every organisation will have team members with varying levels of production. If you haven’t already, make sure you watch our “Cart” video, a short film about building a team on the home page.

Let’s first define the meaning of a Performer and Doer as per the Performia definitions and how they differ. This will guide you when you consider your team.


A Performer is a person, who is delivering expected results from his her area of responsibility by being able to confront any situation that needs to be handled without the need for any external pressure, advice or orders.

Typical Characteristics a Performer:

  • They are responsible, really helping and one you can trust.
  • They’re not there just to support him- or herself but they work hard to help the entire organisation.
  • They work out what needs to be handled or corrected within their area of responsibility.
  • They can figure out a workable solution or action plan.
  • They will execute that solution or plan successfully without any need for orders or external pressure.

Your organisation’s success depends to a very large degree on these people. Make sure you hire and create a lot of them.



A Doer is a person who is generally willing to help, willing to learn and willing to work and follow instructions to get things done. There are varying levels of effectiveness when it comes to Doers, from low effective doers to highly effective doers who can also become future Performers with the right encouragement and pressure.The “Effective Doer” is a person who has a lot of interest and willingness to help others and who is constantly generating energy and works hard to help the company or any part of it, to service its clients and achieve set goals and targets.

Typical Characteristics of an Effective Doer:

  • They are very willing but need a bit of direction and instructions.
  • The urge to learn new things and become better at doing their job with a positive and supportive attitude.
  • Good and skilled managers can gradually turn these people into future Performers.

With a good number of these people on board, your company has a bright future.

Typical Characteristics of a Less Effective Doer:

The “Less Effective Doer” is to some degree with you but their input is not a lot more than what you “output” when paying them and so to some degree they are a “passenger” in the company rather than an important contributor.

  • They are somewhat willing to help but count the hours carefully.
  • They don’t have ambitions and work mostly because they need an income.
  • They are not interested in improving themselves even though their production is medium to low

To inspire this person into high gear and more results is possible but far from easy, even for very competent and positive managers. When these people get involved in a very productive environment, they too tend to move a lot faster.

It is important to note that you can have Performers and Doers at every level in your organisation.
The role or industry is irrelevant as we are dealing with “people” and the concepts we discuss apply to ALL companies.

Your organisation’s success depends to a very large degree on Performers. Make sure you hire and create a lot of them!

Which roles must have Performers?

The difference between a Performer Salesperson and a Doer Salesperson, is literally a difference in the number of sales contracts signed, the client retention, and time taken from the manager to invest in this person.

The difference between a Performer Cleaner and a Doer Cleaner, is the extra instructions you have to give the Doer about the spots they missed. You would never even notice a Performer cleaner because they are so great at not taking up any of your attention, since they did everything without any external push or pressure from you!

Roles that are more demanding and require expected results instead of being more simple and “do-focused”, are more important to have Performers. The higher you go in a company, the more critical it is that you have Performers. This is because, their impact is multiplied the higher they are. And the lower their effectiveness, the more their ineffectiveness is multiplied in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Do you want to know how you can hire more Highly Effective Doers, and Performers? and how to even get your existing team to a new level of productivity?

Schedule your Performia Discovery and find out how other companies are increasing their hiring and team results.


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