Today’s Tips and Tricks are about how to keep the best in your team by defining your roles correctly.

How important is it for you to make informed decisions in your business? 

You, as a business owner, General Manager or HR manager should be familiar with the consequences of making decisions based on lacking or poor information about any matter, and that includes your hiring!

Some of our clients often encounter the dilemma of not knowing what they are looking for, making their screening, hiring, and onboarding processes a horror story and sometimes a waste of time.

Knowing exactly what your expectations are and having clarity of what you’re looking for is the first step to finding the right person. Why? The answer is simple: If you have a definition of the role including duties, responsibilities, targets, experience, and even personality it will help you know who to aim for when hiring.

At Performia we know the importance of being prepared. That’s why we have a Fact Finder form for every position we screen. We cover all aspects about a position, company, and more which becomes crucial for creating the hiring strategy for the role.

Having the fact finder completed early will help you write the job ad, and will help you when selecting candidates. You will make an informed decision instead of being fooled by a candidate who had a perfect interview but perhaps without any substance or past record, just PR.

We have several critical questions in our Fact Finder form that when answered well, will save you many hours and also become a screening criteria when shortlisting candidates.

Now you have hired someone. The challenge is how to keep your best team members?

An integral part of building a high performing team is having a precise definition of individual positions. It is not only about the title, it is about knowing how to integrate every position in a team dynamic and how to take advantage of their abilities towards a common goal.

Our Tips for you: 

Define the roles you have in your company and what your goal is. That way you will know exactly what your resources are (people) and what’s the best way to keep growing.

When hiring, make informed decisions based on your job outline and after considering every aspect of what a successful hire will look like.  You will notice how this change can impact the flow of your hires and boost your productivity. From experience we have seen that when a hiring has moved slow, it is because of two things:

1. The advertising/hiring was started without a Fact Finder being completed, not accurately or missed key information.

2. The advertising written is attracting the wrong sorts of people because of the ad content and where/how often it is being promoted.

Knowing your expectations and how to manage your team will be the best strategy to keep your best performers in the right role.

In our Performance Hiring Training, we will teach you how to build and implement a Fact Finder which will be a lifesaver when hiring. This is only one of the many tools we will provide you so you can become an expert at hiring productive people.

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