I bet you or someone you know has been in this situation before, where you really need to hire someone but just not getting enough candidates or the right candidates applying.

And you are feeling it is because –

  • It’s just the way it is, the role or your industry
  • It’s a ‘candidate short market’
  • I can’t compete with companies paying more
  • Our job is too specialised
  • No one has the qualifications
  • No one shares our high standards
  • It’s hard to find good help

But the reality is – How committed are you about getting that person hired?

One of our clients in the building and construction industry was having a very tough time hiring Project Managers. They are rapidly expanding with many projects on the books. With the rapid expansion they had, their main challenge was finding good people who are productive, solution focused, driven, good at handling pressure and able to build good relations with builders.

They needed multiple Project Managers hired…yesterday – sound similar?

They started on the same path as “my job ads are not giving enough candidates, there’s not enough good candidates out there, maybe we are being too fussy”..and so forth. With more consultation and understanding of what it takes to hire good people, we did a troubleshooting of their hiring and they had a change of viewpoint.

They switched from being in this “reactive” mindset to now being full PROACTIVE with a real strategy.

Cut a long, (interesting and exciting story short)… within two weeks they hired 2 Project Managers and had more in the pipeline.

When everyone tells you it’s tough, not happening, it’s a short market and so forth…. it’s important to not take on the viewpoints. It takes the right strategy combined with action to achieve the right results.

Because if you really need a problem solved, can you afford to have those viewpoints telling you otherwise?

If you are getting frustrated, finding it tough and challenging to attract enough candidates and of good quality, speak with a Performia Consultant before you lose hope or stop hiring.

It is POSSIBLE and the right person and good people are out there. It is your strategy that requires a review.

Your viewpoint, determination and commitment to the result is one part, and the next part is your Hiring Strategy!

Contact Performia to establish your own Hiring Strategy!

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