Happy new year! We hope you had a lovely Christmas and new year break.

We resumed activities this week and we can see that candidate activity and responsiveness is higher than usual. It’s a good time to be hiring and as usual we would strongly recommend to not rely on just “one source” when it comes to attracting candidates.

Hiring is a strategic exercise and who you hire will have significant impact to the direction your business takes. So be fussy, be thorough, go hard on getting it known that you are hiring. See this video where Gareth talks about the $9m hiring decision. This could be the difference in the person you hire.

One exciting note!

We have our training next week from 13th to 15th January, on the topic; Personality: Understanding People and Developing Their Potential. 

This is an incredible training, and will also be presented by Marten Runow, our international founder!

You can attend this training from any location as it will be delivered Live and Online.

We are very excited! If you would like to learn more or attend this training, please reply to receive more information.

We will resume our Tips & Tricks email series from next week, starting with one crucial tip regarding a step in the hiring which is crucial but is often overlooked….

And now, throw back to March 2020 when I interviewed Marten on some topics due to the effects of the pandemic. It seems so long ago, yet the tips in the video are still very relevant.

Learn more tips and how to improve your hiring and business results by booking a completely obligation-free Performia Discovery.

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