Who you hire can be the difference of your vision being on track for execution, or a nightmare about to unravel.

People are not as logical and predictable as the printer that has a paper jam and you know immediately how to fix. When you lose sleep at night, it’s usually because of a person.

Therefore through the traditional ways of hiring, it can be tough to predict and know how someone will turn out before they are hired. This can often lead to trial and error, expensive mistakes, time waster, and it can be quite a soul destroying exercise.

Is it possible to gain more prediction in your recruitment?
Some will tell you it is impossible until you see the person in action. And yes that is true, using the traditional/ usual ways of hiring.

Our tips to help you avoid bad hires and to get closer to your expectations is this:

Tip #1 Firstly and before you start advertising, start with a clear plan of the person you need to attract. There is a specific layout for this where you clearly define the role, the results to be produced, and in what time or quantity.

Unfortunately the usual way of creating job descriptions are not sufficiently clear and this often leads to problems later once someone is employed.

Tip #2 Be honest with candidates about the truth of the position and avoid selling the benefits. You might be well aware of some of the difficulties in the role, some backlogs, some unappealing aspects. Make sure you don’t gloss over these! The candidate is going to find out once they are employed so wouldn’t you want to check beforehand that there won’t be an issue?

Tip #3 Get very good at hiring. This is one skill that will stay with you for life and is crucial to master. Performia’s Performance Hiring training is powerful and will teach you the necessary skills for how to identify and hire productive team members.

Tip #4 Find out about the potential of the person to be productive, and fit the position BEFORE you place them into the role. You can absolutely gain more prediction over how a person will perform on the job without actually using your company as a testing ground.

We believe your time is better spent with your family, friends, good staff and doing the things you love doing rather than wasting precious time and years of hard work in your business on the wrong people.

Are you ready to take your team productivity to the next level?

We are here for you, ready to listen to your situation, brainstorm with you and work with you on the strategy forward so you can feel more confident, more certain when hiring, and even enjoy the process! Contact us now!

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