One of the biggest reasons why good people stay with a company, sometimes even when things get really tough, is because of their Managers and leadership style. And, without surprise, one of the biggest reasons people leave, is also for the same reason.

If we look at really effective people, the top producers that exist in most companies, they are known for being able to achieve a result.

Unfortunately what happens in many companies is that the Managers have not recognised quite exactly the value of who they have in their organisation, and the different personalities which require different management style.

This leads to wrong management of the different staff, which can also often lead to frustration among the super high producers. This often leads to these incredible people leaving their company.

So let’s go through a few factors here and shed light on things that can increase retention of those that should stay, and some of the things that could be frustrating your best people.

TRUST + Management Style

This is a big one and can be a tough one. Is trust earned or has to be given?

Give too much trust too fast, to the wrong person, or without the right set up and you risk mistakes, setting up someone for fail, or absolute catastrophes.

Did you ever believe someone, and later realise you were taken advantage of?

Give too little trust too slow, and you risk losing top performers, or you risk lowering their production level.

  • So how do you get the balance right?
  • How do you know who to trust?
  • How much trust do you give when?
  • Is everyone the same when it comes to trust?

The first KEY is knowing you have someone who has the potential to be trusted. This starts with your hiring: screening and selection, and reference checks.

First you must overcome the FIRST challenge

One thing you have heard Performia say time and time again is that what you see in a usual interview is not necessarily what you get.[Watch our video]

The next most important step is to manage your team by FACTS and statistics, real data, not assumptions or feelings.

Without the “correct” statistics to manage your team members, you risk heavily, not making the right decisions since you do not have all the available and correct data to make your decisions with.

Most of the time your top producers WILL know how they are contributing, so when you do not as a company, this results in major frustrations which is usually held within the team member until it is far too late for you to handle, and by this point you will have lost a great person.

Secondly, when you manage by statistics, trust is easier to give. You do not need to micro manage or ever feel you are in the dark. You discuss the results to be achieved and you make decisions based on real data.

It is not just Salespeople who’s performance can be measured by statistics. In fact, to be a very successful team and organisation, you need to have this fully worked out for absolutely EVERY single position, in your organisation.

We can help you get this process implemented so that you can 2-4X your team productivity, and profits, while having more freedom to work on the areas that matter the most to your organisation. Schedule your consultation now! 

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