One of the articles we’ve covered in the first issue of the Performia Teams Magazine, is Why should we test personality?

Isn’t it a bit weird to test personality?

Anyone who has ever thought about what personality is and where it comes from might think that way. It is only “weird” when you are not measuring it with the right tools or don’t know how to evaluate the results.

Although personality can appear to be a somewhat “complicated subject”, it can definitely be grasped.

It is not a secret that the way you see a person from the outside is rarely the exact same as what you find on the inside.

Each of us has our own idea about how we want to be, how we would like to handle situations and, to a certain degree, also how to comply with what is expected of us.

In normal circumstances when we feel okay, we are generally able to fulfill our ideas. But as soon as we run into a surprising, difficult or stressful situation, we are not always able to keep our set standards and we simply react. And those reactions are not necessarily right or appropriate.

When it comes to other people you can see this very easily – we see when they are losing control, when they are not okay, or when they are trying to solve a problem but are actually worsening the situation. It is a little bit more difficult when we are looking at ourselves, as we have a very strong impulse “to be right”, which often gives us a distorted view of ourselves. It is simply not so easy to be impartial toward yourself.

An effective way to understand someone’s personality is to use a test that is itself impartial, one that is not influenced by a certain relationship with the tested person and can “see through” even a strong social mask.

In my work, I have used such a test for more than 16 years, and that is why I have decided to share my personal experiences using it, especially those that I feel are very helpful.

Doing the test itself will not change anyone, but seeing something that you sort of suspect, written in black and white, is definitely a big thing. It shows not only WHAT but also WHY, and that is something that will open up new doors for a person. It is up to that person whether to walk through them or not. 

Have you ever hired a person who made a very good impression at the interview but later proved to be incompetent and unable to perform the duties of his job?

With unemployment being higher than the usual presently, there is an abundance of GREAT candidates on the market who WANT TO work.

Many of these individuals are from very hard hit industries who have achieved fantastic results and have transferable skills. Knowing how to attract these individuals for your team is going to be very valuable.

The hiring process is often:

  • Time-consuming
  • Expensive
  • Complicated
  • Unpredictable

Hiring a wrong person leads to:

  • “Headaches” and tiresome work for management
  • Confusion and disappointments for the rest of the team
  • Conflicts between other employees
  • More unexpected expenses
  • Bigger waste of time and lost opportunities

And eventually in a new hiring process. The above consequences are almost guaranteed. It can also be worse – companies have even had to shut down because they hired the wrong person.

Performia’s training provides you the exact know-how to improve your hiring and ensure you are only bringing in productive team members, contact us for more information about this great training! 

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